BHG Personal Loans Review in 2023


BHG Personal Loans Review in 2023

BHG Personal Loans Review in 2023

Since its founding in 2001, BHG Financial has backed more than $12 billion in loans. Through its BHG Money brand, the Florida-based financial services company offers personal and commercial loans to professionals across various industries in the United States.

You’ll get a copy of your application to sign, and you’ll need to give BHG a copy of your most recent paystub so they can decide whether to grant you credit. Depending on your creditworthiness, more documentation can be needed.

BHG personal loans can be authorised in as short as 24 hours and funded in as little as five days with no collateral required.

Your credit profile affects the rates and conditions that are available. With durations up to 10 years and loan amounts ranging from $20,000 to $200,000, interest rates start at 12.99%. Closing expenses for BHG loans can be paid in full up front or added to the loan and paid back over time.

With no application charge or damage to your credit, BHG gives estimations; loan offers are valid for 12 days.

You must reside in one of the states—all but Illinois and Maryland—where BHG offers personal loans. BHG doesn’t provide a minimal credit score required to be approved for a loan on their website.

Is BHG Reputable?

BHG has an outstanding Trustpilot rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on more than 2,000 reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Regarding BHG personal loans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received 12 complaints in 2022. The most frequent grievance was having trouble repaying the loan. Each complaint was promptly addressed by BHG, which closed nine with an explanation and three with financial compensation.

Call 866-588-7910 to speak with customer support for BHG. The hours of operation for customer support are 8 a.m. to midnight Eastern Time on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET on weekends. A representative can be reached through email at

You may start the application process, calculate your loan payment using a soft credit pull, and get in touch with a representative via the lender’s website, among other options. You will hear from a representative as soon as your application is received.

Sure, here is a full review of BHG Personal Loans:

BHG Personal Loans is an online lender that offers personal loans to borrowers with good to excellent credit. BHG personal loans have APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on your credit score and loan amount. The minimum loan amount is $2,500, and the maximum loan amount is $100,000. There is an origination fee of 1.99%.

Here are some of the pros and cons of BHG Personal Loans:


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy online application process
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Good customer service


  • Minimum credit score requirement of 660
  • Origination fee of 1.99%
  • Not available to all borrowers

Overall, BHG Personal Loans offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms. However, you will need a good credit score to qualify, and there is an origination fee.

Here are some tips for getting the best personal loan from BHG:

  • Check your credit score. Your credit score is a major factor in determining your interest rate. The better your credit score, the lower your interest rate will be.
  • Get a quote online. You can get a quote for a BHG personal loan online in just a few minutes.
  • Consider other options. If you don’t qualify for a BHG personal loan, there are other lenders that offer personal loans with competitive interest rates.

If you’re looking for a personal loan with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, BHG Personal Loans is a good option to consider. However, it’s important to compare offers from a few different lenders before you decide which loan is right for you.

In addition to the pros and cons listed above, here are some other things to keep in mind about BHG Personal Loans:

  • BHG Personal Loans are available to borrowers in all 50 states.
  • BHG Personal Loans can be used for a variety of purposes, including debt consolidation, home improvement, and medical expenses.
  • BHG Personal Loans have a repayment period of 24 to 60 months.
  • BHG Personal Loans are available online only.

If you’re interested in getting a BHG Personal Loan, you can apply online in just a few minutes. BHG will review your application and provide you with a decision within 24 hours. If you’re approved, you can receive your funds as soon as the next business day.

BHG Personal Loans can be a helpful tool for borrowers looking to consolidate high-interest debt. However, it’s important to compare offers from a few different lenders before you decide which loan is right for you.

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